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Ember-Notification-Hub – A persistent notification center for your Ember app

If you’re an Ember developer, you should check out my new package ember-notification-hub. It allows you to drop in a notification center into your app which will show in-progress and completed tasks. It is super useful for any asynchronous calls your app needs to make:   Any completed notifications will hang around in local storage so users…

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Connecting an AWS VPC to Azure VNet via Resource Manager

Why do this? Often times companies with sizeable deployments opt to run their infrastructure on multiple platforms or environments. This can be their own on-premises datacenter, or multiple cloud platforms. Azure Virtual Gateways allow for any service deployment on-premises as well deployments running on other clouds such as AWS to interact, providing redundancy and failover…

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High Availability Apps via Fleet & CoreOS – Start to Finish: Deploying an App

Deploying a High-Availability Application This post is part of the 4-part series High Availability Apps via Fleet & CoreOS from Start to Finish. The series takes you through creating all infrastructure required to run your own scalable apps on using Fleet and CoreOS. Provisioning CoreOS using Azure Resource Manager Creating a Portable Private Docker Registry…

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