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‘AndContinue’ Methods For Windows Universal Javascript Apps

While creating my Windows Store universal app (that is an app that can run on Windows, Windows Phone and soon Xbox One) in javascript, I noticed something that WebAuthenticationBroker.authenticateAsync isn’t implemented on Windows Phone 8.1 for universal apps. So what gives right? I thought we had the same exact environment as Windows. It turns out that although we do, some…

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DevCast: Target People – Not Devices with Cross Platform Notifications (Andriod)

(This is Part II of the series ‘Cross Platform Notifications‘ focusing on the Andriod Client.) Quit tracking platform device-specific tokens in your database and quickly send your push notifications to relent users with ease. With notification hubs device tagging you only need to keep track of your userids (which you probably already do) and topics…

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DevCast: Target people – not devices with Cross-Platform Notifications (iOS)

In this DevCast I’ll go over what Notification Hubs are and how you can easily leverage them to send push notifications across potentially millions of Android iOS and Windows devices. Traditionally push notifications meant handling different device identifiers and push notification channels and associating them with users. With enhanced push notifications you can ‘tag’ devices and…

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