If you’ve ever wanted to let people know, say your followers or maybe even your boss about what you’ve been working on Github in a super easy to read format, you should checkout my latest project GitTrack analyzes your Github activity such as commits, conversations and pull requests and aggregates it into an easy-to-read dashboard with graphs and data about what you’ve been working on.

GitTrack is built using Ember-CLI and Materializecss and leverages various backend micro-services such as Redis for caching the Github API as well as MongoDB for tracking users.

GitTrack screenshot

Of course GitTrack is open source and you can checkout the repo here.

Azure X-plat Storage Explorer

A Cross-Platform Azure Storage Explorer allowing the manipulation of Azure Blob Storage accounts, enabling you to easily work with your assets and containers from any platform.

An online transcription service powered by creative mix of automated and human transcription. Powered by Microsoft Azure and Docker containers it can take any video, collect payments and return a transcription usually within a few hours.

Technologies Used:

  • MongoDB

  • Node.js

  • Microsoft Azure IaaS

  • Message Queuing (Azure Service Bus)

  • Dokku

Kinect Kannon

The Kinect Kannon T-Shirt Cannon can track targets with its skeletal tracking thanks to Kinect. It can also respond to audible sounds and turn toward the louder side of a cheering crowd! You can also manually control the cannon with an XBOX Controller. Pull both triggers and the cannon will fire a T-Shirt at your target! We managed to get this together with a couple Phidget USB interface boards, the Kinect SDK and the J2i XBOX controller wrapper. Using the Phidget boards we could move and fire the cannon.

The main parts are:

We took the Kinect and mounted on top of the cannon. Using the relay controller with a 12V line we were able to interface to the solenoid valve. With the relay switch closed it would apply the 12V power supply to the valve causing it to open and allow the CO2 air to the cannon, firing the T-shirt.

Skeletal tracking works by taking the coordinates of a persons chest and using those coordinates to guide the Pan/Tilt using the Phigets servo controller board. We hooked up an Xbox 360 controller allowing for analog controller input to Pan/Tilt so that you could use the joystick to control the cannon.

A ‘saftey’ is baked into the software so that you must deactivate the safety in order to fire. The Pan/Tilt was mounted onto an IKEA box (its the only thing we could find in the short time frame) which gave it some good distance from the ground.

This whole project took about 2 weeks or so not including shipping time on parts. (note: this is still the alpha version, we still got to mechanically mount the cannon) The Kinect Kannon source code can be found here.


A raspberry pi device, attached to a camera and a doorbell.I created it using Azure Mobile Services using Node.js and its running C# with mono on the device. The project utilizes Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) from Azure including Blob Storage, Service Bus Queues and Notification Hubs. This can be thought of an ‘Internet of Things’ device:  

The backend source code can be found here. The Raspberry Pi and Mobile App code (Win8 javascript) can be found here.

Parker-B an Autonomous Parallel Parking Robot A capstone robotics project from college. Demonstrates autonomous parallel parking. C++ Running OpenCV on a laptop + some embedded C code running on an AVR chip on the bot. The camera feed is fed through wifi and the microprocessor talks to the laptop software via bluetooth. Checkout the blog here.

GiftMe – Let us pick out gifts for your friends and family

A thin bootstrap.js/backbone.js fonrt-end attached to a  RESTful api (implemented with ASP.NET WebAPI) which wraps facebook apis and does gift suggestion hueristics to provide results to the user.

Location based event suggestions. In this case the friend is suggested a Switchfoot concert near the friends current city. Products area also suggested based on likes and interests. Try it out with your Friends! Visit

GiftMe For Windows 8.1 A thin GiftMe client application running as a Javascript/HTML5 app for Windows 8.1 written in typescript. The application took only about 3 days to initially develop and submit to the store. You can find the source code here: